I've been taking photos for many years, but since the emergence of digital photography have been exploring the possibilities of manipulating images to give new perspectives. My pictures have featured in a number of exhibitions including two “one woman shows”, and I have won awards for my images in the UK and in Germany.

I see my photographs as paintings; my images are always worked on and changed to achieve the effect I wish to achieve, whether the end result is abstract or almost realistic. Colours may be heightened or changed; elements from more than one picture may be incorporated to create the image I am seeking. Many of my more abstract images are reflections or mirroring; these by their very nature change reality. I have manipulated this even further to achieve the effect and mood that I wanted.

Some people may react to these more abstract photographs by asking "What is it?", but that doesn't really interest me - my focus here is on colour, line, and form, and the feelings the interplay of these evoke; what the image may have started out as is irrelevant.

I take many of my photographs during my frequent travels worldwide; the images I have chosen for this site originated in Seattle USA, Australia, Spain, the UK and in Iceland as well as nearer to where I live in Germany. More recently, because of the COVID lockdowns, I have concentrated on scenes from local walks– flowers, trees and landscapes.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my website!

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